Let's build PowerZTogether

We are launching the project to co-build PowerZ with us. Let's write, together, the chapters of the game. Ready to embark on the journey?

PowerZ, a movement to change education

Let's build PowerZTogether

We are only at the very beginning. Everything remains to be built.

This first chapter is the first version of what will be an incredible journey.

We want to build this game with you, parents and children.

We look forward to hearing your ideas and feedback and making them real!

Your children will give us their opinions and ideas directly in the game!
Your children will give us their opinions and ideas directly in the game!
Regular updates with your feedback!


  • Le jeu

    PowerZ is a video game that should allow all the children of the world to learn. To understand. To find their passion and develop their abilities. Our ambition is to rethink the education of the world's children through various mechanisms.

  • Des experts

    Education experts help guide us, validate the educational approach and contribute to the success of the project. Bayard and Hachette support us every day!

  • security

    We are committed to transparency, because you need to know who you are entrusting your children to. We are committed to making a positive impact on society above everything else. We are committed to responsible and ethical use of data.



Who has never dreamed of becoming a video game tester? We offer your children the opportunity to be part of our team and to imagine the game with us!

They will be able to give us their opinions, their ideas, directly in PowerZ and we will try to give life to their dreams with each update!.

On a regular basis, we will gather an exceptional committee of children to discuss with them the new features they would like to integrate. After all, this game is theirs!

We will make this whole process transparent through our blog "The Chimera Community". In this space, your children will find their ideas, their news, and will be able to become real ambassadors of the game!