Economic model: we tell you everything!

Since creating PowerZ, we’ve always felt it was important to make our whole process transparent. If you’ve been a stalwart player from the very first, you’ll have been able to track the project’s development just like you were part of the team. Now, we’re launching a new economic model so we believed it was important to tell you what producing a game like PowerZ costs.

“Pay what you want” has been the PowerZ economic model from the start. Because we think education should be accessible to everybody, without exception, we opted for a system where it was possible to support us financially as much as you were able to and without any obligation.

Over a year has passed since. We raised additional funds (July 2021). We were therefore able to recruit more poeple and develop the game more (along with you, we haven’t forgotten you). But as you know, we wanted to create a healthy, sustainable economic model that reflected the values that we feel an educational game like PowerZ ought to have.

It is unthinkable for us to turn PowerZ into a game you pay for. And on that score, there will never be any unpleasant surprises because PowerZ will remain free to play. There will also never be any question of having to pay to unlock your progress in the game either. That wouldn’t make any kind of sense and your children are too important for us to monetize their data either.

So we thought a lot about how we’d be able to offer you the best experience without any having any pain points... and we found a solution!

Gretchen is waiting for you in game with your pack!

Gretchen is waiting for you in game with your pack!

Monthly packs so you can personalise your game!

We are currently launching an offer in the form of packs with cosmetic elements in them that aren’t essential to the game’s content. This means we are committed to only selling items that aren’t essential to the player experience, as well as never including in-game purchases using real money; all of that happens outside the game and only through adult consent. 

We also felt it was important to point out that we’ll never sell any data harvested from our players for financial purposes. Once again, the player experience prevails over everything.

We will therefore offer you a monthly purchase of virtual cosmetic items.

Each month, a new pack will be available. It will contain items you can use to customize your avatar, your house or your island. These items are therefore only customization items and aren’t items that your child needs to progress in game. These items won’t give one player any advantage over another... unless it’s the advantage of looking a bit more stylish! This is something we feel you need to know. Lots of other games use this model too, like Fortnite or League of Legends.

Le Pack magique !

Le Pack magique !

And how much does all that cost? Yes, we hear you, there behind your sceen! We’ve got two solutions for you:
A monthly subscription at the rate of €5 per month. Each month, you will automatically receive your pack in the game. This is a non-binding subscription that you can cancel at any time.
A one-time purchase, at the price of €9.99 per pack.

For the first one, we’ve got a Magic Pack, which is a pack containing a genuine Wizard’s Tunic, an intoxicating potion, an enchanted tree and a magic spellbook... which should be perfect if you want to play as the sorcerer’s apprentice.

And... what will my money get used for exactly?

That’s an excellent question! Here are the details for our monthly expenditure:

Do you want to discuss our approach with our team? Feel free to chat with us on Discord or on Facebook and get the conversation started!
In the meantime, see you in game!