My device is not compatible. What can I do?

PowerZ is actually a 3D game, so it needs a relatively good device in order to play. Even though we are working hard in order to make it accessible to more users, certain devices are not strong enough to run the educational game PowerZ.
Since janruary 2023, PowerZ is able to run on:
• PCs with at least a core i3 processor (you can find this information in “System Information”) and 8GB of RAM
•Macs under 5 years of use
•Iphones and Ipads (iOS) under 5 years of use
•middle and high tear quality android smartphones and tablettes 5Price estimated to be at around 300€)
You will find underneath this text, the link to download the game.
If your device is not compatible, rest assured that we will do our best for it to be as soon as possible!
You can leave your email and device model in this link.